Search - Algorithm

Weight results higher/lower based on the information contained in the search term.

You may weigh the search result performance based on the following sections from your product feed: 

  • Title 
  • Brand
  • Category 
  • Description 
  • Synonyms 
  • Colour 
  • Size
  • Gender  
  • Age Group 
  • Stock Availability 
  • Image Tag
  • Product ID
  • Price 
  • Keywords 

The Description option may contain search terms multiple times which will weigh higher in the results unless the description slider is set to low. 

Options such as Age Group will assist alongside synonyms such as adults, kids, child etc. when searched. 


How to use the Weighting Sliders effectively

The weighting sliders work with a linear movement, allowing you to set the weighting from 0% (low) to 100% (high)

Moving the weighting to the high will favour that option highest in the search results and remove prioritisation if the slider is set to low.  

Setting all sliders to the same percentage will not create a priority for one group in the search results and will combine these in the search results.

To prioritise one of these options e.g. Title set the slider to 100% high and with other options set these slightly lower on the linear slider.

Any that are not applicable set these to 0% (low) and the results will reflect this. 

Please note, your product feed will need to contain the bulleted pointed information listed above in order for the AI weighting sliders to work as intended see here for our Salesfire schema: 

Including this information in your feed will optimise the AI sliders to pull through your desired results. You will see your search preview update as you make these changes in the Salesfire Dashboard

Speak to our Support Team if you need further advice on the search tool settings.