Overlay Conditions - 'Behaviour'

Have your overlay campaign display at a time that works best for your site

Being able to control how long passes before a customer sees an overlay has many benefits and keeps you in control of your overlay strategy. In most instances, an overlay will fire as soon as a user lands on the site to try and catch their attention, often putting a visitor off and ruining a conversion. The last thing you want is a pop up appearing before they have had a chance to check out the website's content.

You can easily add a page count to your overlays; this can be actioned in the Conditions tab of a campaign and found within the Behaviour tab. First, choose whether or not you want the condition to be active on the whole site or just your Target Page (set in the previous tab).

By inserting a number of pages that a user must visit before they see the overlay helps increase the CTR of the campaign. This is based on the likelihood that a user who is more active on your site will be more responsive to your overlay.

E.g You don't want to offer a discount to just anyone who lands on your homepage, but you are happy to offer this for those who are engaged and looking through your site content.

We would recommend a minimum of 2/3 pages, as a typical URL hierarchy this will cover Homepage > Category > Product.

Hint: If the field is left at 0 then the overlay will be shown immediately based on its trigger.

When you have found an optimal time you are happy with, remember to click 'Save & Continue' ready to finalise your campaign.