Salesfire Lists - Retrieving Captured Email Addresses

Viewing and downloading captured email addresses from within the Salesfire dashboard

How to collect your email data from a campaign

Once you have set up an overlay to collect email addresses and set it live, you can leave it to collect data from your customers - but how do you locate this information to utilise in your marketing efforts?

First of all, in the Details section of the overlay settings, you can select a previous collection or Create new... to create a new list. Save your campaign. 

Then, in the Lists tab of the Dashboard, you'll be able to view the lists of any Overlays you currently have set up which are collecting data. Here, you can check the current settings, view the list and in More, you'll be able to download the complete list as a .csv or delete the list. 

Automating Data.

You also have the ability to Automate your data via the use of a Webhook which will automatically pass data from your Lists through the Webhook into whatever endpoint you choose e.g. your marketing software.  You can set up a Webhook in the Preferences section of your Dashboard: 

Once the Webhook has been established, you will just need to assign which lists you want to automate.  To do this, just go back to the lists section of the Dashboard and click Settings which, gives you the below: 

The system gives you the option to select the list to send to your Webhook.  Then, each time a customer leaves some data via an Overlay, the data will automatically pass to your chosen endpoint.

Tip - Webhook services are 3rd party software.  Not all Webhooks will integrate with Salesfire, so you will need to check this before signing up to the Webhook but the majority of Webhook services offer free trails.