Overlay Conditions - 'Visitor Type'

A summary on the Salesfire New vs Returning customer rules

When deciding how we’re displaying overlays, we’re going to conveying our message differently depending on your target market and any segmentation you’re planning on implementing. You can start to establish who you’re targeting in the Conditions tab.

By differentiating between New and Returning customers, we can ensure we are not offering promotions or incentives to potential returning customers. For example, by doing this we can sometimes ensure that we’re not eliminating margin on what is already loyal customer base. 

Targeting New users is the perfect opportunity to offer a discount code in return for their email address, drive a sale over the line or even basic brand reinforcement.

We differentiate as follows: a New visitor is anybody who lands on the site after Salesfire has been integrated and Returning visits are tracked from this point onwards. Although it may seem easier to ignore returning customers, this is actually a great time to change up your tone and start to foster some brand loyalty and return business. 

If you are happy to target both New and Returning users then why not utilise an overlay with an Exit Intent trigger - this will act as a retention tool for absolutely anybody leaving your site. By targeting both segments we are maximising your potential reach. 

Caution: It is worth noting that Salesfire runs this feature based on a 30 day cookie period. If a cookie has expired then the customer will become a new customer again when returning to the site. Take this into consideration when building out your campaigns.

Caution: New Customers Vs Retuning Customers is also managed on Session times.  Salesfire uses Googles standard of 30 minutes per session so if for example a new customer lands on your site, leaves your site and comes back after 30 minutes then they will be classed as a Retuning Customer whether they have made a purchase or not.