How to create a 'Button'

In this article, we'll show you how to create a button for a text input field.

1) In the Advanced settings, click 'Insert Element', this should look something like this:

2) Hover over 'Button' and left-click and hold while dragging the element onto the Overlay.  You can see below the button has now been placed just above the body text with the words 'submit'.

Caution:  Make sure when dropping your button onto the Overlay the line is green.  If the line is red then it's not positioned inside the form and any call to action will not work.

3) Now add your desired text for the purpose of this button. Then click in the 'General' box at the top of the left-hand Navigation:

4) Add your desired icon as above. That's your Text input field's button created

5) To see how to position and style the button, please read our Article - Positioning a Text Input Field or Button and Styling.

6) After following the steps in the linked article in point 5, you should then end up with this:

7) You can now add a bit more styling to the button by staying in the advanced settings and scrolling down the left hand Nav to 'Typography' & 'Background'.  'Background' will change the colour of your button while Typography gives you the ability to change the font and font size, etc.