How to create a 'Text Input Field'

After creating your Form on your Overlay, you'll now need create the text input field to collect data from:

1) Switch to Advanced mode and select 'Insert Element' at the bottom of the left hand navigation:

2) Find 'Text Input Field' and left click and hold.  Drag the element onto you Overlay and let go of left click, which will place your Text Input Field as below:

Caution:  When dragging the element across, you must ensure you place the text input field inside the form field.  This will highlight as a green line.  If the line is Red then move the line around until it goes green then let go off left click to place the text input field as below:

3) In the left hand navigation, scroll down to Enter the placeholder text e.g. Please Enter You Email address.  From here you can also select what type of data you are collecting i.e. DOB, email address or name. 

4) Once you have entered your placeholder text it will appear in your 'Text Input Field':

5) Thats it done.  To see how to position your Text Input Field' then just visit our support pages on Positioning a Text Field Input Field Button & Styling.