Email - Best practices

In this article, we'll cover the basics behind our Email tool and cover some of the elements of how to create an email template.

Using the navigation in your Salesfire Dashboard, click the link for 'Email' as below:

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.24.11

That action will bring you to our Email overview screen. We'll now have a look at creating an email campaign. 

1) To set up a new email campaign, firstly click the button ' New Campaign' you can see in the image above.  That action brings you here then gives you a small pop up to ask which type of email you would like to create:

2) Select the 'Thank You' template, click 'Choose' which brings you to the Design page to set up your email:

3) To Edit the template, just click on the plus sign which gives you the editing options as shown below:

4) Now click the applicable option you wish to add to your template.  For a standard template then your options are, text, image & button.

Note.  If you do not have our Product Recommendations Units then the Recommendations editing option will be unavailable. You can email your ESM if you would like to learn some more about this!

HTML - The HTML option is there for clients who are comfortable with web language and wish to develop their own bespoke emails.

5) To edit each element or block you have created, just click on the applicable block to show the edit block for that element and either edit the block or click remove (delete) block as below:

6) Details Page:

Now give your email campaign a name and set a start and end date if your campaign is to be for a sale period for example.

That's it! You've created your email campaign.  You can then go back and create another template identical to the one you have created by going back to the emails overview page: 

Clicking more and duplicate what you have created and add in a different delay to form the chain of emails you may wish to send.

To look into each element in some more depth you can check out each individual article here on text, buttons, images as well as triggers & conditions.