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How to add images to an email campaign

In this article, you will learn how to add images to your email templates in order to keep them brand-appropriate and engaging.

Adding images to your email template is an easy way of making it fit with your brand and adds an extra layer of personalisation.

It's as simple as clicking the plus sign within your template to bring up the insert element box and click the Image button which automatically populates the template with the image field:

To upload the image simply click the Choose button which will bring up your Media Library.

If you have already uploaded your images to the Media Library, you will find them displayed within the display view.

Note: We automatically scale the image to fit the container so there is no need to worry about adjusting sizes. 

If you have an image not already in the Media Library select the upload button in the top left of the Media Library view to directly upload from your device.  

Once uploaded, you may wish to  align the image using the left, centre or right alignment options. 

Don't forget to select Save at the top of the email campaign builder to save any changes made to the campaign layout.