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How to create an email campaign
Typically takes 5 minutes

How to create an email campaign

The Salesfire Email tool has been designed specifically for retargeting any data collected by Salesfire to help you convert customers where email addresses have been obtained through a mailing list overlay campaign or capture on site before abandoning an order. 

There are several campaigns which can be utilised within the Salesfire Dashboard to help you create an email sequence to reach your customer base and bring them back onto your site to make a purchase. 

Abandoned basket emails

The abandoned basket option available within the email tool is a great way to re-engage customers who have left the website before completing their order. 

How to create an abandoned basket email

1) Navigate to Emails from the Main Menu.

2) Select New Campaign 

3) You will be presented with the option to select one of the templates or Start from scratch 

4) Choosing the Start from scratch option will take you to the Design tab of creating your email campaign 

Creating your email design

If you would like to add text to your campaign 

  1. You will find a + symbol, this will allow you to add any required elements to your campaign such as text, images, html and buttons for CTA’s.
  2. Upon selecting the Text option a small window will appear where you can add the required text to your email. 
  3. Within the small editing window you will also have access to some text editing options such as alignment, bold, italic and an option to add links to any part of the text. Simply hover over the options to add this to any of your text. 
  4. Once you are happy with the text creation press Done to add this to the email preview. 

If you would like to add an image to your campaign. 

  1. Select the + button and select Image. 
  2. This will allow you to upload an image with the Choose option. 
  3. Choose from the Media Library of any pre-uploaded campaigns or select Upload to add your desired image to the email campaign. 
  4. Your image will display in the email body, once happy with this select Done. 

The next step you will find in your email set up is the Steps. The steps will allow you to set the triggers and conditions for your abandoned basket campaign. 

Email Triggers

Select how your email campaign should fire within the Salesfire email triggers available. 

Data Collection

Data collection will trigger an email campaign to send based on data collected into a list by Salesfire. 

Data is collected by Salesfire through any overlay campaign collecting email address data such as save my basket overlay campaigns and newsletter sign up overlays. 

Email Captured

The email captured trigger option will look to collect data at points across your website such as the checkout form page. Email capture is typically used for abandoned basket emails to send informative email sequences to notify customers when they have left the website without completing their order. The email captured works off data captured on your website and does not store the data for export. 

Email Conditions

Conditions allow you to set further criteria to determine if once your campaign has triggered, if it should have to meet any additional steps before sending. 

Choose specific conditions to add sequences to your email to further assist in converting customers. 

Conditions available

Time of Day

Set a to and from time for your email to be sent at specific times of the day.  This can be used to ensure emails are sent at a time of day of your choosing if you do not wish to send them outside of business hours. 


Set a timing to delay emails triggered in your dashboard. This will help in ensuring your email sequences are sent at the correct time intervals.

We typically recommend setting your first email in a sequence to send after 30 minutes to ensure the user has fully left the website. You may wish to set a second email to follow those customers who have not converted from the first email by setting a second email in the campaign to a delay of 2 days. You can then replicate this for any remaining orders not made to the email send list but a final email send of 7 days post receiving the first email.    

No orders

Use the no orders trigger to ensure that your emails, in any sequence send only if an order hasn't been made since the last email sent. This condition is great to use alongside any campaign sequences of 2 or more emails such as abandoned basket, save my basket and code activation reminders to ensure that the email does not send if the email has created a conversion and the user has returned to their basket to make a purchase. 

Once you have selected the triggers and conditions for your campaign. You can now move onto the Details step. 

This is the final step to set up your campaign, add a name to your campaign in the first field Email Name, this campaign name will appear in your analytics so you can easily identify the campaign name and the results generated. 

Start and end date

This section will allow you to enable your campaign with the Enabled checkbox option. 

You may also use the scheduling option if you would like your email campaign to run between a specific date and time range, if you would just like to set the campaign live you may skip this step. 

That's everything you need for your campaign set up, select Save and Publish to activate your campaign to complete.