Overlay Enquiry Forms and Lead Generation Campaigns

Gathering valuable data using data collection Overlay campaigns.

Overlays are not only great for directly increasing sales by offering discounts, they can also be used for offline purposes. 

Sometimes users can get confused when browsing a site and their initial instinct is to leave, however, there is a way of preventing this. By placing a Lead Generation overlay across your site - especially with an Exit Intent trigger -  provides the user with the option to ask a for help and also gives you a potential lead.



To set up a lead generation form within your account, start a 'New Campaign' and choose 'Simple Lead Gen' from the free templates. Just a few things to check before going to the next stage of set up are:

1. Edit the text on the Overlay to promote your message and to match your brand's tone.


3. Alter 'Step 2' so that it matches up with your design and messaging from the first step.


Click 'Save & Continue' in the top right of the editor and you are ready to decide what page(s) you want this Overlay to be shown on.