Overlay Conditions - 'Frequency'

Control exactly how many times your customer views a behavioral overlay

Being able to control how many times a customer sees an overlay has many benefits and keeps you in control of your overlay strategy. In most instances, an overlay will fire every single time a customer visits a specific page or visits your site and could end up putting them off purchasing from you and abanding the sales cycle altogether. The last thing you want on your site is overlays appearing too often and losing a conversion.

It is incredibly easy to control how often your overlays fires and you can even get as granular as to control how many times the overlay fires within a specific date range and a certain amount of session. You can easily add this condition to your overlay by using the 'Steps' tab within the Overlay Management screen and selection the 'Frequency' condition.

With the above settings, the individual overlay will for a maximum of 4 times, 1 time per visit within a 30 day period. Once the 30 day period has been reset the same conditions will apply to the overlay.

If you feel unsure as to what frequency measure to put in place don't forget that you cna reach out to your eCommerce Success Manager and they can help advise you.

Within the final box 'Type of frequency check,' you will see that there is two options - one for 'Individual' and one for 'Global'

Each of these frequency checks works in a different way.

  • Individual: this will check the frequency settings against one individual overlay (i.e the one that you are assigning these conditions to).
  • Global: this will check the frequency settings of all live campaigns that have the global frequency checker in place, further granulating the views of the overlays that you have live. So as an example, if 2 overlays are set to global with the above frequency condition, whichever is live will automatically stop the other from being fired in the same session.

If you need any additional help or would like to cover this in more detail then please reach out to your eCommerce Success Manager who will be able to arrange some time for you with the Training & Development team.