How to create the 'Review Prompt'

The reviews Prompt is a great addition to add to your website to showcase your customer feedback from

How Do I Create the Review Prompt?


The Reviews Prompt widget can easily be set up in the Prompts section of your dashboard. 


You will find the Reviews Prompt template located in this section and you can start the set up of the Prompt by clicking the Add to Smart Bar Button: 

The Name your Prompt field is the internal reference for your visibility in the dashboard. 


To connect your reviews to the Reviews Prompt widget, you will need to complete the store name field. You will be able to find your store name in your account. 


Once added, you will be able to see a preview of how the Reviews display looks (see below)

If you would like to edit where the Prompt displays on site, you will find the ‘Edit targeted pages’ section. 


This area will give you the ability to whitelist and blacklist your Reviews campaigns to specific pages on your site so you can limit the Reviews Prompt and page, product or basket level. For whitelisting and blacklisting page see our guide here:


Customising your Prompt widget

To customise the colour of your prompt you can achieve this in the ‘Change how the prompt looks’ option in the smart settings. 


The Primary Colour option will allow you to select a block colour for the Prompt, alternatively, you can select the custom option to add a HEX code. 


You can also opt for black or white text for the prompt display beneath the primary colour section if you need to alternate the colours. 


Once you are happy with your prompt, press Save and Enable in the main menu using the Enable toggle switch.