How to add a redirect link to text

This guide will give you a step by step instructions on adding redirect links to your overlay campaign text.

Using When editing an overlay in your Dashboard select the Advanced option from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of your screen where you see this icon: 


In order to add a direct link to the text, you will need to select the text element on your overlay canvas.

Once you have selected the text element on your overlay you should be presented with the following:

On the left side of the screen, you will see settings to adjust the text element. 


The second section of setting edits will allow you to add a 'Trigger when Clicked' to your text. 

When selecting the dropdown menu for the Trigger when Clicked option, you will be presented with the following: 

In this section, you will find options for controlling the action behind the text. 


  • Ignore - This will dismiss any actions carried out on the text and will look for any parent triggers. 
  • Nothing - This option will simply stop here and do nothing when clicked. 
  • Dismiss - This will close the overlay
  • Go to Step - This will allow you to add a section step to your overlay which would present a second screen visual for your overlay. This is usually used to create a Reveal Code button that links to a second screen to reveal a discount code on Step 2. 
  • Go to Web Address - This option will allow you to add a redirect link behind the text so when clicked it redirects to a custom URL. 


If you select the Go to Web Address option you will see the following on your screen where you will be able to add your custom URL behind the text.