How to add elements to an Overlay

This section will demonstrate how to add an element to a Salesfire Overlay.

Adding Elements to an Overlay


Adding an element to an overlay will allow you to customise your overlay design. 


You will be able to find the elements section with the Edit section of each of your Overlays in the Overlays section of the Salesfire Dashboard. 


Selection of overlay elements:


This can be found on the left menu in the Design tab of your overlays. 

The selection can be seen when choosing the Advanced option from the dropdown menu and then Insert Element, shown below:


You will then have the option to drag to insert the element you require onto the overlay canvas. 


Once the element has been inserted onto the overlay you will be able to edit the settings within the Modify Element section. 


This is where you will find options such as typography, dimensions, layout and element positioning. 

The example below of how the editing options will appear: 



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