How to create new 'Data Collection' Lists

Learn how to build out new data capture lists in the Salesfire system to gather your valuable customer information with our technology.

Within the Salesfire system, we have the ability to capture data from many of the tools. But where does this data go? This is captured and then added to the specific list that you want this to go into. These are found under the 'Lists' section in the navigation of the dashboard on the lefthand side.

The first time you click into your lists tab you will see a number of them in there, these are created as default in your account. They can be renamed to something which you will use (details on this below).

It may be that you are already using the ones which currently exist and want to create a new one for capturing data. To create a new list in the system you simply go to the campaign from which you are wanting to collect data, in this screenshot we will use overlays:


Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 11.06.00

If you go to the final step of the overlay, labelled 'Details' you will see the Form Collection section at the bottom. Here you can choose one which you have already created OR create a new list. Be sure that you label these clearly so you know which list is which. If you do make a mistake with the naming then this can be changed in the settings of the List under the 'List' tab. This window will look like this:

Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 11.09.18

You can also set your forwarding email address and/or webhook details if you have them available.

Note: (Read more on webhooks here: Retrieving Captured Data from your Lists)

Now you have created your list the data which is entered by your customer will drop into the designated list for you and you can extract this data and use it in other marketing activities.