How to customise the positioning of 'Search Promotion Units'

In this article, we will cover how to customise the positioning & frequency of your Search promotion unit.

As well as fully customising how your promotion unit looks and what it will display, you can also choose where you would like your unit to appear and when a customer sees it. Once you have navigated to your 'Search' tool you just need to select 'Promotions' at the top of your screen to find your 'Promotion Units'.

Once you have decided which 'Promotional Unit' you would like to edit, simply navigate to the 'Edit' button on the unit. This will then take you to another screen which will allow you to make changes to the 'Promotion Unit' that you have selected to edit. 


By selecting the blue 'Edit Promotion' button on the top right-hand side of the screen you will be able to edit a number of things. For the purpose of this guide, you will need to select the button and navigate to 'Positioning'. Here you will find a couple of options for 'Visibility' and 'Promotion Position'. 

The 'Visibility' of the promotion unit depends on when and whom you would like to show the unit. Once you select the drop-down menu you will be greeted with the options: Always, No Search, Any Search and Specific Phrase. Each option will display your promotional unit in a different way.

Always: The promotional unit will always display irrespective of if a search has been performed.
No Search:
The promotional unit will only be displayed if 'no search' has been performed i.e when a client clicks into the search functionality.
Any Search:
The promotional unit will only be displayed if a search has been performed i.e when a client actively types a search query into the search functionality. 
Specific Phrase: You can utilise this method to show a promotional unit for specific search terms, for example, if a client is searching for a specific term or a brand then you can display units relating to that search. 

Promotion Position controls exactly where the promotion will be positioned when it is live within your 'Search' functionality. For example, if this is set to position 1 then it will show as the first unit, if it is set to until 12 it will show as the twelfth unit in the Search results.

Promotion Frequency

The promotion frequency is determined by how often the promotion appears after its initial set position.

When a promotion is inserted into the Dashboard, it will push all the products following it one space across.

If a promotion has a frequency defined it will be inserted into its position after all promotions that appear before it has been inserted


  • Position 1 & Frequency 4 will result in your promotion unit appearing in positions: 1, 5, 9, 13, 17,…
  • Position 4 & Frequency 2will result in your promotion unit appearing in positions: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12,…
  • Position 10 & Frequency 1 will result in your promotion unit appearing in positions: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,…

Note: If the frequency is set to 1, products will still be moved one space across each time the promotion is inserted. This will result in all the products following the promotions position and frequency resulting in a repeat of every '1' position.