Search Promotions & Quick Links

How to set up a Search Promotion & Quick Link.


You have several options (Quick Links, Product, Custom, Newsletter, Klarna & Zip Pay) for setting up Search promotions that use the same Salesfire Dashboard functionality.  Dashboard > Tools > Search > Promotions > New Promotion/Edit

New Promotion:

1) Click New Promotion and give your promotion a new name and click 'Add' when finished.

2) Once you have clicked Add, this then creates your new promotion in a live replica of the Search screen which shows how the promotion would look as. alive promotion:

The overview of the promotion is in pink above.

3) Now click 'Edit Promotion' which gives you a right hand side editing panel:

3.1) Details tab - this contains the editable promotion name and a start and end date for scheduling your campaigns in advance. 

3.2) Positioning - this area contains the following;

 - Visibility - This can be set so that your promotion shows as either Always, No Search, Any Search and Specific phrase.

This will further allow you to control when and where the promotion unit should appear in the search results. 

You may also add multiple phrases when selecting the Specific Phrase option so that you can promote a unit on multiple phrases rather than duplicating the promotion multiple times per each phrase:


  There is also the options for promotion position and promotion frequency. The promotion position will allow you to decide where exactly a unit should sit in the search results. For promotion frequency, this will allow you to repeat the promotion unit appearance in a sequence through the search results on scrolling. 

Caution: Each promotion requires it's own sequential 'Promotion Position' in order to show in Search on your site e.g. if your Quick Links is promotion 1 then any promotion after must be 2 and so on....

3.3) Design - This is where you can set what type of promotion you would like to set up:

4) Custom:

 - Add Headline text, body text, upload back ground image and call to action e.g. if you want a button for redirect (redirect URL is added here to).  As you add the body text and headline text, this changes the promotion:

Tip - To see how to upload more images to your media library, click here: Media Library

5) Product:

 - Gives you the option of finding individual products from your product catalogue to promote. 

Once you have found the individual product to promote, just click the product which will change the pink custom promotion above to that of the product you have selected:

Add some ribbon text if you wish or leave blank.  You can manually promote as many products as wish.

6) Quick links, Newsletters, Klarna and Zip Pay use the same set up functionality as Custom & Product so have a go at setting these up if you need them. 

7) Once saved you can manage all of your promotions from the Promotions page as highlighted in the Promotions subheading at the top of this article.


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