How to set up 'Data Collection' on Overlays

Within this article, you will learn how to configure your 'Data Collection' on an Overlay.

Using this article to set up Form Collection and this article to set up your Input Text Fields, you should now be ready to set up your data collection on an overlay.

This is the final and most simple step to finalise your Enquiry Form/Newsletter Sign Up Overlay. The final step is to ensure that you have selected the correct 'List' for your data to go to once your customers have inputted their information.

Simply navigate to the 'Details' tab when editing your Overlay.

Once you have navigated to this tab you then need to scroll down to the bottom of this tab and select this list that you would like the data to be sent to once your customer has completed the form on the Overlay.

You can either select one of our pre-created lists that we set up for you in your trial period or create a new custom list for your data to be sent to.

Unsure of how to manage your lists once you've done all of this? Want to learn some about the Lists area of your dashboard? Check out the articles covering that here.