How to use the Refocus trigger

Learn how to utilise this tool to best effect

One of the most useful triggers that Salesfire has to offer is the Refocus option - which works when a user leaves your site, in an effort to refocus them on your site.


The ability to temporarily change your Page Title to a customisable message, as well as displaying your overlay provides an opportunity to convince the potential customer to come back and buy from you.


This can be set up from the Triggers tab within the campaign set up and can be activated with a simple tick in the box. By ticking this box it means that as soon as a user leaves your site e.g opening up another tab to browse a competitor - your overlay will be triggered.


Pro Tip: The customer must leave your page within the same browser - if they opened up a new browser window this trigger would not work as intended.


The second element of this trigger (which is completely optional) is the ability to temporarily change the page title - this will strike the visitor and entice them back to your site.  


It is completely customisable and will be activated by entering text. See below for the 'FREE DELIVERY over £50' in action:


The last thing to remember is to click 'Save & Continue' at the bottom of the page.