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Salesfire Messenger Set up

A run through on how to customise Salesfire Messenger to your business

Salesfire Messenger allows you, the client, the ability to talk to your customers in real time. Similar to a shop assist in a retail store this can be used to help navigate customers to the right products, help answer specific questions faster, update customers on their orders and much more.

Settings - How to set up Messenger

Note: It is always best to run through all of the customisation listed below before enabling Messenger so you can see what customers would be shown when clicking into, and using, this function on your site.

In your Salesfire dashboard please navigate through the left navigation to 'Settings', then choose the 'Messenger' option on the left-hand side.

The top toggle is to turn this on and off on the website:


Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 16.40.19


Next is your Archive and Delete chat timers:


Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 16.40.30

These functions have been created to allow you the ability to clear out dated chats from customers and not keep hold of sensitive data for longer than you need to.

Note: We set best practise defaults on the Messenger 'Archive' and 'Delete' options but you can change them if you want to archive and delete these earlier or later.


Next we have the message options:


Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 16.53.49

In here you are able to customise the responses that Salesfire Messenger can give to customers for the different scenarios. If you and/ or your team are not available, let your customers know you will be in touch when you are free.  This creates a better feel when customers are engaging with Messenger on your site.

Pro Tip: Whilst you can use the generic text found in the Salesfire Messenger system it is always beneficial to change the messaging to carry your company tone of voice to your customers.