Overlay Conditions - Overview

How to set up conditions for Overlays to target your customers.

There is a number of conditions available in the dashboard in order to control the behaviour of your overlays. 

Basket Value - This condition will allow you to only show a campaign when the basket value is above, below or between a certain amount. This is great to use for any campaigns where a threshold needs to be met for free delivery. 

Behaviour  - Will only show when the user has been on the website for a certain time or number of pages. You can choose both of these options or one to delay when a campaign trigger will show on site. 

Browsers - This allows you to limit the web browsers that it is shown on. Such as Chrome, Firefox & IE.

Devices - This allows you to limit your campaigns to mobile, tablet or desktop.

Countries - Only show when the user is in certain countries. You have the ability to whitelist or blacklist countries that you wish an overlay campaigns to appear or not appear in. 
Day of the Week - This allows you to limit to specific days of the week. You can select multiple or single days of the week that you wish an overlay campaign to display with this condition. 
Page Title - Only show when the page title contains certain keywords, this can be used if you would like an overlay to appear on product pages containing category or product titles in the page title. 
Scroll Position - The user must be at a certain position of the page for the overlay to be triggered. Within the condition settings you may choose the percentage at which the scroll trigger should be set at.
Time of the Day - This condition allows you to limit the time of day to which a campaign shows, in the settings you may set a 'show after' time and a 'show before time'. 
Visitor Types - Only show to new or returning users visiting your site, this is based of a 30 day cookie period.
Frequency - These conditions control the frequency at which overlays are shown to the user — i.e. once they have been shown an overlay, how long until they see another overlay campaign within a 30 day cookie period. Within the settings you may also choose to show an overlay multiple times when the triggers and conditions are met using the frequency option as well. 
Element Presence -Check whether an element is present or absent on the website, you may use this to trigger an overlay whenever a specific link or button or wording is present or absent on the website.
Element Contents - Check whether an element contains or does not contain a certain value. Like Element Presence, you can choose to show an overlay campaign based on specific buttons or links on a webpage however, the Element Contents function will check the element to see if the interchangeable value or wording is present or absent. For example you may wish to use this on a 'Add to bag' button but if this button is present but contains 'Pre-order' instead the overlay does not trigger.