Overlay Triggers - Overview

The triggers available for your Overlay Campaigns in the Salesfire Dashboard and best practices.

With our range of Overlay triggers, we can work to prompt customers to complete an action. Behavioural Overlays are used to approach a customer based on their on-site behaviour with a timed incentive. They aim to either accelerate customers through the shopping process or simply navigate them to alternative sections of a site.

Control exactly how an overlay triggers:


As you can see from above, the triggers can easily be added to the Overlay campaign. 

It is possible to add more than one trigger to your campaigns if needed. 


Best Practices for Overlay Triggers

Exit intent will display when a customer tries to leave your website at a crucial point in the buying journey, the Exit Intent trigger will allow this action to take place for desktop devices. For the mobile variation of this, it is best practice to use the On Scroll, Page Visibility and Bounce Back triggers. Where we cannot see the cursor movement with the Exit Intent technology, these other three triggers will predict the customer behaviour in a similar way. 


The triggers can be used in conjunction with the Overlay Conditions to also add further depth to your campaigns and control the behaviour even further. See here for the Conditions section in the Knowledge Base


For other best practices with the Overlay Triggers, speak with your Account Manager for strategy suggestions. 

Please note, the Exit Intent trigger will not work on mobile or tablet devices - See Best Practices above for advice.