Product Feed - Image Missing

This section will take you through troubleshooting steps if you find any images are missing in the search results for your products.

If you are finding images missing from your search results, the steps below help you identify the solution for this. 


1. In your Salesfire Dashboard menu click More > Settings > Product Catalogue 

2. In this section you will find a tab called Catalogue

3. In the catalogue you will be able to use the find tool to search for the item with the missing image. 

4. Once you have located the item click the details tab:  


 - If you do not find an image this will need to be added to your product feed so we are able to read the image data and display this in the search tool. Without this, we are unable to pull through the image to the search unless added to your product feed. 


 - If you find an image here for the product but this is not loading in the search results on site, please contact for technical issues.