Search - Keyword Boosts

A summary on using the Keyword Boosts to optimise your search results

Keyword boost tells Salesfire which products should be shown first in your search results.

You can apply a boost to best sellers on a search query or a no search query. 

To add a keyword to boost, click the Add New button and then enter the keyword as instructed. 

You can select the check box to apply the boost to best selling products or uncheck this option. 

You can also follow this same process for applying the keyword boost to searches. 

You may also use the weighting slider to set the percentage from low to high for how highly the keyword boost should sit in the search results. 

Setting the weighting slider to 100% will boost the keyword to be shown first, this is a great option to use on your own brand products to pull these to the top of search results on no search for you customers. 

You may also set the weighting sliders to low (0%) for the opposite effect.