Search - Redirects

See how to set up a Search redirect

Search redirects are a great way to send your customers to pages of specific interest, based on the actual search term the customer enters into your Salesfire search bar.

To set up a Search term redirect, in your Salesfire Dashboard, go to Dashboard > Tools > Search > Redirects.

This brings you here:

Once here follow these simple steps:

1) Add in the search term in the left-hand side field which you want to redirect customers on.

2) Add in the page you wish to redirect your customer to, adjacent to the Search term you have just entered.

Pro Tip: You can check this URL by clicking the forward arrow (shown above) to be sure we are redirecting to the correct page on the site.

3) Once you have finished setting up your Redirect/s, click 'Save Search'

4) Then once a customer uses that specific Search term and hits enter, they will be redirected to the URL you have entered.  

Caution: Redirects will not work if you have the setting 'Default Form Submission' disabled.  This setting stops us from sending the captured search term to the sites Search Form Request back to your site which would normally show your sites category results.  To access this setting please go to Dashboard > Tools > Search > Customisation > Edit Search > Search Input:


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