Setting up a Digital Assistant Campaign

How to set up a campaign through your Digital Assistant tool

Click Digital Assistant on your Salesfire Dashboard menu to begin. 

1. Click Launch Campaign to get started with adding a new campaign to your Digital Assistant.

2. Select a template from the strategy options available on the Campaign Menu. 

3. Once you have selected the campaign of choice you may select from a small, large or overlay style message, depending on the template chosen. 

4. Once you have the design option selected, you may now add content, images, fonts and colour to your design by selecting the appropriate area you wish to edit.  

5. Upon clicking to the next step, you will be able to set the behavioural trigger for your campaign to appear for shoppers.  

6. Then scroll to the Conditions section below to set the pages and criteria you require for the message to be present on site. 

7. Once you are happy with the campaign you can now publish it on your site.