How to perform a split test for Overlays

This section will walk you through setting up a Split Test for your Overlay campaigns.

Within the Overlay section of the Dashboard menu, it is possible to run an A/B test on your overlay campaigns to evaluate the results on two different variables. 


Split testing your overlay campaigns will allow you to determine which strategy works best for your site. 

You may create multiple split tests within the system and you can choose to run these for any length of time.

You can find the Split Tests tab along the top of the Overlays section in your dashboard. 


How to create a split test

The split tests can be created using the ‘New Split Test’ button. 

Once you click on here you will have the option to select the overlay variables that you have created in the Overlays tab. 

When you have selected the overlays that you would like to run the split test on, this will then allow you to create the test which will set the campaigns live. 

Don't forget to set the Overlay Campaigns live within the Overlays section of the Dashboard in order for the split test to run.