How to position a 'Text Input Field' or 'Button' and Styling

In this article, we'll show you how to position your Text input Field or Button and how to style it up


You'll need to access the Design tab of your Overlay as below:

1) In advanced mode, scroll down to 'layout'

2) Click on the positioning element and select 'Absolute - move to an exact spot from top left'.  This will change the left hand navigation slightly:

3) Using the Horizontal and Vertical options, adjust the pixels left to right or up and down until you have reached your desired location:


1) Staying in the 'Layout' navigation, scroll up slightly to 'Dimensions'

2) Select 'Fixed - an exact height and width' and adjust the Px's to your required dimensions.  You'll need to go back down to point 3 using the horizontal option to then move your 'Text Input Field' to your desired location as below:

3) You can now stay in the advance settings and scroll down to 'Background' where you can alter the text input fields background colour as below:

Note:  If you have entered placeholder text, this is not changeable in Typography but you can add standard text as shown in Creating a Button available in our Support pages.

Which is editable in Typography.

You'll now need to add a button to the end of your text input field.  We'll show you how to do this in the above linked article.