Tracking Orders - EKM Specific

A quick solution to Clients utilising Salesfire on the EKM platform that may be struggling with tracking

We are aware that from time to time we have clients that don't track orders when using the EKM platform. To remedy this we have worked with the brilliant team at EKm to create the following script to help with tracking:


Note: This code needs to be added to the Checkout Success page of your website

window.sfDataLayer = window.sfDataLayer || [];
"ecommerce": {
"view": {
"sku": "[ekm:productmpn]htmlbefore='';htmlafter='';[/ekm:productmpn]",
"parent_sku": "[ekm:productmpn]htmlbefore='';htmlafter='';[/ekm:productmpn]",
"name": "[ekm:productname]name_only='yes';[/ekm:productname]",
"variant": "",
"brand": "[ekm:productbrand]htmlbefore='';htmlafter='';[/ekm:productbrand]",
"category": "[ekm:productcategories][/ekm:productcategories]",
"price": "[ekm:productprice]value_only='yes';price_text_layout='[price]';[/ekm:productprice]",
"currency": "GBP",

The code here can be added in to your site via the Script Managethat is part of the standard EKM system. If you need any guidance on this then the EKM support team are always happy to help advise on this.


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