Email Triggers & Conditions - Overview

In this article, you will learn the definitions behind each of the triggers and conditions that sit behind an email.

Here we go, let's look at the triggers and conditions behind an email in more depth and understand exactly how and why your emails are going to fire.

You will find your triggers and conditions underneath the 'Steps' area of your email builder:

Once you have navigated to this area of the email builder you will then be immediately greeted with the below:

There are three triggers to choose from:

Data Collection - This trigger is for collecting data via an Overlay.

Email Captured - is collecting data anywhere on your site e.g your sites native newsletter signup.

User inactivity - Can be added to each of the above triggers..........

Adding a condition:

Like Overlays, you can choose specific conditions if you wish so that you can become more granular with your emails.

Time of Day - Set a 'to' and 'from' time period that emails will be sent.  This can be used to ensure emails are sent at a time of day when most people may be accessing them, e.g. outside of typical working hours.

Delay - Set a time delay for emails to be sent, so this may be set for 30 mins after a customer has signed up for a Newsletter.

No orders - Optional but advised trigger to use on dropped basket emails to ensure if an order has been placed during the campaigns then the customer will receive no more after they have placed an order.

Don't forget to click save in the top right-hand corner of the template builder to save any changes that you have implemented!