Voucher Bubble

How to use the Overlay Voucher Bubble functionality

You will find the Voucher Bubble option available to use, where you may wish to reveal an incentive code on your overlay campaigns. 


The Voucher Bubble is set to activate upon a visitor interacting with a Reveal Code button on an overlay campaign. 

Once interacted with the voucher bubble will act as a reminder to display the discount code as a reminder for the visitor. 

There is also an option to add an expiry time for the voucher bubble. 

The expiry time is not a function in place to expire the discount code for the customer but simply to expire the display of the voucher bubble. 


To set up your voucher bubble select Details from the Edit button on the overlay you wish to add this to on the Overlays menu. 


If you need any additional help please contact onboarding@salesfire.com