In this article, we'll look at our Prompts functionality and how to set a Prompt up.

Prompts are non-intrusive, on-screen notifications that allow you to promote your product in an innovative way. Prompts grant you the ability to display varied data to help increase conversion through your site.  


Prompt example uses:

Communicate product scarcity, time-sensitive promotions, delivery notifications, upselling categories, finance options, payment options, newsletter signups, social media re-directs and many more.


Types of Prompts available:

 - Product Views & Purchases Prompt - This prompt is automatically linked to your website's data to display how many times a product has been viewed or purchased.  You have the ability to set up individual Prompts for both Purchases and Views.

- Text Prompts - Standard messaging prompt for you to add any type of message you want to get across to your customers.  Links can be added to all prompts to help navigate customers to specific pages of interest to help as an upselling tool. Find the link button under the text section of your prompts to add a URL to the prompt. The button will look like the below: 

- Reviews Prompt - If your reviews site is (Reviews I.O.) then you can add a prompt to pull through your live reviews.  When the prompt is interacted with, it will display the most recent reviews in a pop-up window above the review Prompt.  

- Mailing List Prompt - Add customer Newsletter signups directly through a Prompt directly into any mailing list in your Salesfire dashboard.

Support Note: If after setting up your Prompt and setting it live, you have found the Prompt is empty, then the likelihood is your store name will be incorrect.  The store name must match that of your store name in the address URL e.g.  The store name to add to the Salesfire Dash would be salesfire-company-reviews.


1) Setting up a Prompt:

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 09.24.58

Using the navigation bar in your Salesfire Dashboard, go to tools and select Prompts as above.  This will give you the Prompts overview screen:

1) Choose the option that best fits your requirement. In this example, we'll use the Free Delivery option.  You can change the message of the text in the Prompt set up if free Delivery is not the message you want to create

Just click 'Add To Smart Bar' which will then give you the below screen:

2) Now you can give your Prompt a name and add some basic font functionality to the text.  You can also add Hyperlinks to redirect customers if you wish.  If applicable add in a start and end date.

3) Edit Targeted pages:

Now you can set where you would like the Prompt to display e.g. it may be specific to a page on your site so you can set a white list option for the Prompt to only show on that URL by clicking whitelist and then add a rule which gives you the below view:

As default, the Basic toggle will show first.  Then add the page URL you wish to show like this:

/salesfire/about-us/ you don't need to use your site name, just everything after the first forward slash.  If there are multiple pages you want to whitelist but fall into the same category then you can toggle Basic to Contains and add a specific word (lower case) e.g. personalisation that appears in the category URL so simplifying the need to add multiple URL's.

4) Edit Trigger Conditions and select Add Condition gives you the options for which you can choose.  We won't go into details here but you can see the types of conditions available.  These are the same generic conditions we have for Overlays.  You don't have to set conditions at all and depends on the purpose for which you are setting the Prompt up for.

5) Change How The Prompt Looks:

You can now add some personalisation to your prompt by changing the colour of the Prompt and the text colour.  You can also add an Emoji from the defaults shown above or add kore via the Custom button

NB - The default colour is your brand colour set up for you in the Preferences section of the admin.  To see how to position a Prompt on your Desktop then click here - Positioning Prompts and Messenger.

Once you are done setting up your Prompt, just click Save which will take you back to the overview screen where you can set your Prompt live by toggling the red button to green.

To edit the Prompt again then just click the Modify button.