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Where can you find your Order List

In this article, we will cover where you can find your Order List in its entirety and what different elements of the order list mean.

There is a couple of ways that you can access your Order List. The first of those would be to navigate to your 'Home' page within your account and scroll down to the latest orders section. Here you can see how many of your most recent orders have been influenced but also select the option to 'View all' orders.

Alternatively, you can use the navigation pane on the left-hand side of your screen and select 'More'. Underneath the more section, you can navigate to settings and select 'Order List'. Underneath this area, you are able to set the Order List to a custom date range and look at the orders that may have been influenced by Salesfire. It is also a much more comprehensive list and gives you a much better indication of when the orders have been placed and how they have been influenced by Salesfire. 

Please note; when Salesfire Collates your order list we remove Shipping and Tax from all orders so there may be some discrepancies between the 'Order List' generated within your dashboard and the back end of your website.

Your 'Order List' will be displayed within your account with a number of things attached to it. We are a fully GDPR compliant platform and as such, we provide anonymised information for each customer that has checked out using your website. In addition to this, we will also provide you with an 'Order ID' - this should correspond with your back end of the website as we collect all of our 'Order ID' data from your checkout success page.

You can also use the 'Order List' to see what orders have been directly influenced by each tool that you have. So for example each individual circle represents one of our tools which is explained below. If all of the circles are grey - the order has not been influenced by Salesfire technology. If any of the circles have a colour associated with them then that order, in particular, has been influenced by that specific Salesfire Technology.