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Email Sequence conditions explained

There are a number of conditions available to strategically optimise your email sequence campaigns with Salesfire. 

Conditions allow campaigns to be segmented based on user behaviour and allow you to deliver email campaigns in a controlled manner to your visitors. 

Basket Value

Only show when the basket is above below or between a certain amount. Using the Basket Value trigger, detect when shoppers have an amount added to their basket to trigger campaigns when a specific value is in the basket. 

Time of Day

Only trigger campaigns between certain times of the day, using the Time of Day condition set email sequences to appear after a specified time using the After Time field and the Before Time field to set the trigger between to time periods. 


Set a timing to delay emails triggered in your dashboard. This will help in ensuring your email sequences are sent at the correct time intervals. 

For each of the individual campaign templates you will find the delay intervals are in place for each of the emails in the sequence. 

Hasn't received Campaign 

The Hasn't received Campaign trigger will only send an email in the sequence if the user has not received a specific campaign type.

Select from the dropdown to select a campaign that the user hasn't received in order for the current email campaign to send.  Use the time field to select a period of to pass from the email selected, sending. 

No Purchases 

The no purchases option will condition your campaigns to only send when a user has not made a purchase since the initial email trigger was met.