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Email pipeline explained

The Email Pipeline is located in the Email analytics section of your Salesfire Dashboard. The Email Pipeline gives access to real time reporting on how your email sequences are projected to perform with forecasted potential value that could be converted by the Email Sequences, this is broken down by the available email campaigns with specific strategy designed to bring visitors back to your site. 

Email analytics can be found in your Salesfire Dashboard menu within the Analytics tab. 

Select the Email option from the main menu where you can access your Email Analytics and view overall impressions and revenue influenced from your email campaigns that have run during the time frame selected. 

The Overview section will give an insight into how many emails have been sent during the time period selected using the calendar filter, number of email clicks, conversions and revenue influenced from emails sent, listed by campaign name. 

Email Pipeline Overview 

Your Email Pipeline is available to give insights into potential revenue that could be influenced by each of the Email Sequence campaigns available.

Each Email Sequence is sectioned by the strategy behind the email and any 

Within your Email Pipeline you will find details on the number of email subscribers and the potential value each subscriber can bring to your revenue stream. This information is ready to view segmented by email campaign type.  

Email Subscribers

The email subscribers section of your email pipeline will anonymously indicate users that have been subscribed to an email sequence in your dashboard. Details are hidden behind an auto generated name for data privacy. 

Each profile will collate multiple sessions under the corresponding profile which will include the pages browsed and purchase history. 

Shopper Interests

Shopper Interests will indicate per subscriber profile the products browsed, this is then displayed in the pipeline with a product image preview, full details of the shopper interests can be seen by clicking into the email subscriber profile to view shopper interests and session history per email when present in the Email Pipeline. 

Potential Value

The potential value within your email pipeline is determined by the overall value the email sequence can bring to your revenue. This considers your site average order value to indicate what the potential value of the sequence could be worth if a subscriber is converted by an email. 

Email Value

The Email Value revealed in your email pipeline will include a value of each email determined by the projected conversion rate for the campaign such as the average conversion rate of an abandoned basket email campaign. 

Time to send

Time to send will countdown the time remaining until the next email in the sequence will be sent, to locate which email is due next in the pipeline to your subscribers this will be indicated with a number notification badge of the last email sent, time to send will be the countdown to the next email waiting. 

Emails skipped will be indicated within the pipeline. Skipped emails will occur when the profile has not met the conditions to receive the email in the sequence, such as making a purchase which would withdraw the send of an abandoned order email.

Current Step

Current Step will indicate the current email step in the sequence your email campaign has reached until the next send. 

Total subscribers can be found to the side of each email campaign section along with statistics on average conversion rate and your emails revenue value. 

Email Sequences Overview

Your Email Sequences Overview will give a full breakdown on how each of your email campaigns have performed throughout the date range selected using the calendar filter option to filter your timeframe selection. 

Within the Overview you'll find a breakdown of the total number of email sends, clicks, conversions and revenue influenced during the date range selected. 

This will also be followed by an overview graphic where the sends, clicks, conversions, revenue and average order value can be seen, broken down by date. 

The Average Order Value Breakdown is also available to compare orders influenced by Salesfire and orders not influenced by Salesfire to compare the influence on boosting the average order value with and without Salesfire.

For further details on Salesfire Email analytics and explaining what your campaign breakdown includes in more detail. 

Email Tracked 

Emails tracked include the total number of emails tracked during the date range selected in your Email Analytics. This is the total number of emails that have been collected into the pipeline, the tracked number represents emails tracked through the sequence campaign.