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Unsubscribers and Data Removal


To view unsubscribers head to your Salesfire dashboard, from the main menu select More, Settings and then go to Privacy. 

Within the Privacy section of the dashboard you will find the option to enter an email address to to add unsubscribers.

Adding an unsubscriber

Use the Import CSV tab to upload a CSV file with a list of email addresses and phone numbers that you would like to import in the unsubscribe modal.

The email addresses and phone numbers must be in the first column. All other columns will be ignored.

If you require an export of all unsubscribers, use the Export full list to download a CSV file to your device from the main Unsubscribers section of the Privacy tab in the dashboard.

The add unsubscribers modal within the privacy section of the Salesfire Dashboard.

Data Removal 

Along the tab options at the top of the Privacy section of the dashboard you will find a Data Removal tab. Within this tab you will find the function to remove customer and visitor data. 

By using the Data Removal option, visitors and customers may request for their data to be removed from your systems. Use this tool to remove all data associated with an email address across your Salesfire account.