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Managing Keyword Boost in Search
Typically takes 3 minutes

Use Keyword Boost to optimise your search results by telling Salesfire which products should be shown first. 

Control which products are prioritised by applying boosts when selected keywords match a customer’s query.

You can apply a boost to collections, brands or specific products to rank products higher in your search results. 

Setting up a Keyword Boost
  1. Go to Search in the Salesfire dashboard menu to begin.

  2. Navigate along to the Keyword Boosts section to begin optimising your search results.

  3. To boost a keyword, select the Add New button and then enter the keyword required. Select Add New to create separate keyword boost rules for different collections, brands or specific products.

  4. Multiple keywords can also be added within one Keyword Boost using the plus button, this will treat all of the words in one group with the same boost criteria and weighting.

    This is often applied to a product line where there are several popular brands you would like to boost to the same level.

  5. Use the checkboxes to apply your Keyword Boost on Best Sellers and/or Search.

    Best Sellers will apply the boost to the best selling products that appear on open search when a query hasn’t been entered.

    Search will apply the boost on search queries when entered.

  6. Use the Weighting Slider to set the weighting criteria of boosted keywords, adjusting from low to high depending on your preference for where keywords should appear in your search results.

    You will see this is measured by a percentage when moving the slider.

    We recommend adjusting the weighting slider to a unique percentage for each Keyword Boost.

Using the weighting slider in Keyword Boost

Setting the weighting slider higher will boost the keyword to be shown first, this is a great option to use on your own brand products to pull these to the top of your search results.

Remember to consider that a weighting of 100% will boost the keyword to the top of your search results no matter the query entered. 

If you would like the boosted keyword to more closely and accurately match the query entered, set your weighting slider lower.

We suggest adjusting the sliders ever so slightly with your top priority set at the highest percentage and then slowly decreasing the slider for any other product range, brand etc. 

Setting multiple keywords to the same weighting will not allow the function to perform efficiently, so we recommend weighting using a ranking method with a different percentage for each keyword boost, with your top priority for results weighted at the highest percentage. 

Please note using Keywords Boost can impact the algorithm of your search results. Review any Keyword Boosts and your algorithm slider together to ensure that your desired results show in the search tool. 

Once completed, select the Save and Continue button to update any changes.