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Managing Search Redirects
Typically takes 1 minute

Search Redirects are a great way of directing shoppers to a specific page if a search query does not return accurate results, preventing visitors from abandoning the site.

This could be used if visitors are searching for discontinued products or are searching for non-product related terms like FAQs, returns and delivery information. Once customers use that search term and hit return, they will then be redirected to the URL you have listed. 

  1. To set up a Search Redirect select Search and then navigate to the Redirects tab in your dashboard.

  2. In the left side field, you can add the search term you would like to redirect a user from when that specific term is searched.

  3. Add in the URL of the page you wish to redirect your customer to adjacent to the search term you have just entered in the section indicated with URL.

  4. You can then check this URL by clicking the forward arrow to test if the redirect is correct.

  5. Once you have finished setting up your redirects, click Save Search.

Using Redirects with the default form submission

Redirects will not work if you have the default form submission setting disabled.

This setting prevents us from sending the captured search term back to the site's Search Form Request which would normally show your site's category or product results.  

To access this setting go to Search, select Customisation, then Edit Search and you will find the Search Input section where you can enable the default form submission.