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Customise your Visually Similar Search tool
Typically takes 2 minutes

There are a number of customise options within the Visually Similar Search section of the Salesfire Dashboard. The Visually Similar Search area of the dashboard will allow you to make overall changes to the appearance of your Visually Similar Search icon, edit fonts, banner and change any button colours to adapt the icon to compliment your site branding. 

Firstly you will see the option to enable or disable the Visually Similar Search tool if required with the toggle icon featured at the top of the page. Green will indicate that the product is live. 

Banner and Button appearance settings

Within this section you will be able to edit the colour of the text, background and border settings and also any necessary spacing around the Visually Similar Search icon as displayed on the product page.


The animation feature will allow you to enable or disable the animation of the product cycle featured on the Visually Similar icon. 

Button Selector

The button select options will allow you to specify the selector of where the Visually SImilar Search icon needs to be placed on site. When adding the selector, you may also use the dropdown menu to distinguish between the icon being placed before, between or after the CSS selector.

Default Sorting Order

Choose how your Visually Similar Search results are sorted by default. This can be with similar products in mind or using the Relevance option to display items similar to the product page a shopper is browsing on. 

Don't forget to select the Save button to update any changes you have made.