Search - Synonyms

How to utilise the Salesfire Search synonyms

In order to customise your ‘Synonyms’ settings, you must first use the navigation pane on the left hand side of the Salesfire Dashboard and bring up the more tab on the left. 


You can then navigate to the ‘Settings’ then down into Product Catalogue from here when you will find a subheading of Synonyms on the right hand side. 



Synonyms tell Salesfire which words we should treat as equals, or which words should be replaced with a different term.


The synonym functionality groups a collection of words together and lets our ‘Search’ tool treat them all as the same word - for example, trainers, creps and sneaks could all be grouped to show the same results.


You can also use the ‘replace’ functionality on the dropdown menu to look into your website database and replace every single mention of a particular phrase with the intended word that you intend the search to look for to display more detailed results. This is great to use if you have a particular uncommon keyword for your product ranges but find your customers may search for a more common phrase.



Tool Tip: The product catalogue pulls the data directly from your product feed and is updated daily. Permitting your products are included in the product feed, the products will display in the Salesfire search results. 

Please be aware that should you make any changes to Synonyms or add any additional Keywords you will need to re-run an import on your Product Feed. You can find out how to do that here.