How to use the Recommendations tool

In this article we will look at the functions of our Recommendations units.

We have further developed the Product Recommendations tool in your dashboard to improve the user experience and create flexibility with campaigns. 


Firstly you will see that the campaign units are listed in a similar way to the previous Dashboard layout so they can easily be identified. 


Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 12.02.35


Where we see the Modify button, this will take you through to the product recommendation campaign edit section. 


Within the modify tab you will find the campaign settings where you can schedule the recommendations unit and also, the enable or disable functionality for these.  


In the lower section of the modify tab you will see the customisation area for your recommendations unit, whether this is for the product page or basket page, you will be able to preview how the unit design looks across all device types. 


If we come on to the weighting section in the Dashboard, you will now see a Customise button where you can easily select the algorithm strategy for each recommendation slot.


In the ALL section, you can select the strategy outcome you are looking for on the unit of choice. 

This is from a choice of Most Popular, New In, Bought Together, Similar and Personalised. 

We have set these algorithm slots in place to make your strategies simple to set.

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 12.03.35

You may also use the advanced section to combine the five options into the recommendation results if you are looking to impact the algorithm results further. There is also an option to shuffle the display of the results if required.  


We have done this to make your campaign strategies work more effectively with the new algorithm options, and the Dashboard update will also allow you to easily set this in place with a clear end goal.