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Recommendation Slot Strategies

Slot strategies allow you to control the algorithm of your recommendations and set a preferred approach for how your products should show on the specified page type. 

Set recommendation units across various pages of your site such as product, homepage or basket page. How to set up a Recommendations unit. 

To find your Recommendations settings head to Recommendations in your Salesfire Dashboard select Modify on your Recommendations unit and go to the Customise section. 

Choose Algorithm from the Customise menu where you will find Slot Strategies. Select one singular strategy to create a targeted campaign for your customers. Or, combine these strategies using the Advanced option to create a mix that’s right for your customers.

There are a number of strategy options available to meet the needs for the products that should be shown in each of these unit placements. 

Most Popular

Most popular is defined as products from your catalogue that have the highest number of purchases over a 30 day cycle. These will be displayed within the Recommendations carousel to display the most popular products across the pages of your choice. 

New In 

New in, as a strategy for your Recommendations will deliver products in a recommendations unit across the site based on products that are marked as new and have been added within 30 days to your product catalogue.


The Personalised strategy for your Recommendations will analyse recurring behaviour on your site to provide a dynamic shopping experience. The Personalised strategy utilises machine learning to individually profile your customers, making inspirational suggestions through the products displayed in the unit. 


Similar recommendations will present products similar to the product being viewed to give recommendations of like for like products and also products featured from a similar brand. 

Bought together

The bought together functionality within the slot strategies will look to display products often purchased alongside the viewed product page. This is established from the order tracking and product catalogue to determine products that are often bought together 

Please note that if the slot strategy cannot be found the Recommendations will default to a fallback strategy. For example, if no New In products can be found then the default will resume to Best Sellers. Please contact if you have any queries on this.

Constraints and filters


Select Same Category to display products belonging to the same category as the page viewed onsite, your recommendations will match the category of the product being viewed.

Choose Same Brand, your recommendations will match the brand of the product being viewed.

To exclude a brand, category or product follow the exclusions guide to remove fully from the Recommendations tool.

Email Recommendations

Constraints can also be used for Email Recommendation campaigns.

Where Recommendations are featured in an Email, the algorithm will default to the most common brand or category that it would have found without the constraints enabled. 

For example, within the 12 products displayed in a Recommendations unit without constraints, the most common products of a brand or category will replace the less featured products to factor in Same Brand or Same Category as a constraint. 


Hide Out of Stock and only items that are currently in stock will be displayed in your Recommendations carousel.