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Updating search input details
Typically takes 2 minutes

The Search Input details allow customisation of the search bar on your website. 

In this section, you will find how to change settings in the search bar, the actions behind the search bar and where the search should be placed on your website.


In this section, you can set the toggle to enable Salesfire Search on your website. 

Default Form Submission

In this section you can choose whether to also submit a search through your website’s default search when a submission is made through the Salesfire Search.

This action is usually completed upon a customer searching and hitting return to action the search.

If the Default Form Submission is enabled, the default search will be Salesfire Search. If the Default Form Submission is disabled, on hitting return the search will default to your site's native search.  

Remember Search Query

Autofill the search box with your visitor's last search query, allowing shoppers to continue where they left off when revisiting the site, making the shopping journey seamless.

Navigation Detection

When enabled, Navigation Detection will allow site visitors to open and perform a search based on the search query entered.

Character Input to Open Search

This will require a minimum number of characters to be entered into the search bar in order for the full search display to open.

Input Selector

Specify the CSS selector for your search box. This is a required field to indicate where Search will appear on your website.

For further assistance in locating the input selector for the search class please contact

Placeholder Type

Select from the placeholder options available for the search appearance within the search placement on your website.

  1. Website Default - Input placeholder will be inherited from your website's default styles and message previously used with your native search. 
  2. Static - Set one static placeholder value that will be displayed in your search input. 
  3. Ticker - Create a list of placeholder values that will be cycled through to encourage interaction from shoppers. 

Placeholder Text

Choose the text that you would like to display in the Search box before it is clicked. The placeholder text encourages a shopper to use your search box and enter their query.

You can choose from our default text options or add your own message, we recommend asking a question to capture the shopper’s attention.