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How to run a split test in Digital Assistant

Salesfire’s split testing refers to an experimentation process where a campaign is tested against no campaign showing in order to test conversions, leads and bounce rate. 

Split testing your Digital Assistant campaigns

Once you have the campaign variant you would like to run your split test on, you can begin the split testing process.

Follow our guide on getting started with Digital Assistant to set up your first campaign.

  1. Within the Digital Assistant campaigns dashboard area, you will find a list of the campaigns that are live on-site. Click the More button next to the campaign you want to test and select Split Testing from the dropdown.

  2. Switching on the Enable Control Group toggle will run a split test of the campaign against no campaign showing to users to determine if results improve and help you optimise your campaign strategy.

  3. To adjust the percentage of visitors who shouldn’t see the campaign, adjust the Control Group slider vs. the percentage of visitors who should see the campaign in the testing environment with the campaign slider.

  4. You can also customise the metrics you would like to prioritise when presenting the results in the Analytics tab of your dashboard. These come pre-ticked for the most relevant statistics but you can also choose from metrics such as average order value, conversion rate or bounce rate.

  5. You can view your split testing results within the Overlays tab of the Analytics section of your dashboard by selecting the drop-down arrow of the campaign that is being split tested. This is marked by a ‘Split Test’ pill.

  6. To end split testing on your chosen Digital Assistant campaigns, disable the Enable Control Group toggle in the campaign list.