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The On Scroll trigger

The On Scroll trigger will display a campaign when a fast upwards scroll is detected, predicting when a desktop, mobile or tablet user may potentially leave the webpage. 

The On Scroll trigger is often used alongside the Bounce Back and Page Visibility triggers. This displays a campaign when a shopper shows signs of leaving your website across mobile and tablet devices where cursor movement cannot be detected.

For more information on using the Bounce Back and Page Visibility triggers, read our Help Centre articles.

To set your triggers, select Add Trigger in the Finalise your campaign section of setting up your campaign. From here, click the green plus button next to the trigger you would like to use. 

Each Overlay campaign can work on mobile and desktop simultaneously, reducing the need to split campaigns out by device type.

When setting up the On Scroll trigger, you can use the toggles to control whether to use it for Mobile/tablet and/or Desktop campaigns, enabling or disabling the trigger for the device types as required.