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The Page Visibility trigger

The Page Visibility trigger will set your campaigns to trigger when the webpage presence isn’t visible but is open on a user's device. For example, having your website open on a browser in the background whilst visiting other apps or pages. 

The Page Visibility trigger is often used alongside the Bounce Back and On Scroll triggers. The combination of these three triggers will allow you to display a campaign when a shopper shows signs of leaving your website across mobile and tablet devices where cursor movement cannot be detected.

For more information on using the Bounce Back and On Scroll triggers, read our Help Centre articles.

To set your triggers select Add Trigger in the Finalise your campaign section of setting up your campaign. From here click the green plus button next to the trigger you would like to use.

Add the title of the page that you want to utilise this trigger on in the Page Title field. Alternatively, you can leave this field blank if you would like to maximise the Page Visibility function across all webpages. 

To whitelist and blacklist pages against the Page Visibility trigger, take a look at how to set up the Pages condition on your Salesfire campaigns.