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The Title Highlight trigger

The Title Highlight trigger will display a campaign when a user highlights a product title on your website.

This prevents shoppers from copying a product title to compare on a search engine or competitor's site. 

The title highlight trigger works when a highlight motion is used on your website's H1 tag. 

To set your triggers select Add trigger in the Finalise your campaign section of setting up your campaign. From here click the green add button next to the trigger you would like to use.

The Title Highlight trigger will work automatically once added to a campaign or you can additionally tick the Use a custom title selector checkbox to add a custom title highlight on your product pages.

The custom title selector can also be used to detect title highlight on other sections of your product page such as subheadings, or other text not included in a H1 tag. 

To add a custom title selector:

  1. Visit the desired areas of your pages that you would like the Title Highlight trigger to work from.
  2. Right click the section you would like to use, Inspect and then right click the selected portion of code.
  3. Select the copy selector option from the webpage developer tools.
  4. Now, paste the selector into the Title Selector field in the trigger.