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Invoices for your Account

In this article we will show you where to gain access to copies of your invoices.

Many of the requests we receive are from accounts departments who are unaware they can access invoices directly from your Salesfire Dashboard, that's if of course they have been added to the system to do so but we'll cover that further down.

1) To gain immediate access to your invoices, simply go to the Billing section of the Dashboard.

2) Using the navigation, scroll down and find the 'Billing' section:

i) If you wish to update the invoice contact click the button in the top right corner to complete the primary contact detail changes. 

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.06.22

3) Then in the subheadings which as default will underline your 'Active' Packages, just click the link for invoices:

4) Then click 'View' which will open a new tab containing your invoice for you to then choose:

5) Choosing PDF or CSV will download a copy of the invoice to your machine.


If you aren't a registered user on the system then you will need to speak to the account holder who can add you to the system to be able to action the above.

1) The account owner just needs to navigate the left-hand section again.

2) This time scroll down to 'Users'

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.10.01

3) Click 'Invite' which will give you the below window:

4) Just fill in the details as in the above image and click 'Invite'.  This will send the invited user a welcome email to register and log in.

5) Done.  You can now gain access to your invoices.