Adding Salesfire to Magento 2

How to add the Salesfire system to you Magento 2 site



Note: Typically takes 2 minutes to complete installation. Version mentioned in the video (1.1.1) has been super-seeded by a new version. Please install most recent version. 


Watch our video guide here:

  1. Purchase (for free) our Salesfire plugin from the Magento Marketplace:
  2. Navigate to the Extension Manager within your store admin (System > Web Setup Wizard > Extension Manager).
  3. Refresh then navigate to Review and Install.
  4. Install salesfire/magento2. Ensure you install the latest version.
  5. Continue to setup.


Enabling in Magento

After installing you will need to enter your Salesfire details by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Salesfire settings (System > Configuration > Salesfire > General).
  2. Populate the Site ID (This can be found within your Salesfire Dashboard).
  3. Mark enabled as Yes.
  4. Done.


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