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How to add profile variables to Email campaigns

Profile variables can be added to the content sections of any Email Sequences to attribute a variable element to your email content, personalise a campaign and drive engagement through the Email Sequences product. 

How to insert a variable 

To insert a variable, head to your Salesfire Dashboard and select Email Sequences. 

Within your Email Sequences dashboard, you will find your campaigns created and the ability to create any new campaigns. 

  1. In the body of your email campaign hover over text and select the edit icon. 
  2. In the Content section you will find the X Variable Value icon, select the icon to begin adding a profile variable to the content of your email. 
  3. The pop out module will reveal the profile attribute dropdown with a pre-defined list of options that can be used to personalise your email content:

  • Name - the naming convention gathered from a profile on site to personalise within an email send. 
  • First name - the first name gathered to send a personalised email with this contained in the email contents. 
  • Last name - the last name gathered to send a personalised email with this contained in the email contents. 
  • Email - add the email address profiled to the contents of an email upon sending.
  • Mobile number - add the mobile number collected to a content section as required. 
  • Checkout URL  - add the checkout URL to the contents of an email to provide a consistent checkout URL for the Return to Basket call to action button in emails or use in the contents of an email. 

  1. Select the profile attribute required for your email, we recommend adding default text in case no profile attributes can be found on sending the email. 

Default text can usually be a word that can conveniently replace the variable if it cannot be found. For example replacing NAME with a default word ‘hello’. 

  1. Once you have selected the profile variable select Insert Variable. 

Once you have added a profile variable to your email and are happy with the content, select Save Email to update any overall changes made to your individual campaign. 

Adding a variable to your Email Template

If you would like to add an overlay profile variable to the template of all emails created, go to the Main Menu in your Salesfire Dashboard, select More then Settings and then go to Email Template. In this section, you can repeat steps 1 to 5 to add a profile variable to your overall email template.

To ensure Profile Variables track complete the following integration steps.